Features of this department

A “dermatology department” is defined differently depending on the person describing it. From the point of view of persons who do not understand the basics of dermatology, it is often mistaken as a “skin-deep” medical department focused only on skin diseases. However, if one looks at the treatment offered by the Department of Dermatology at Okayama University, this perception will be understood as a big mistake. In the Department of Dermatology at Okayama University, the focus is the training of dermatologists with high levels of clinical ability applicable to general medicine practices and the development of personnel aimed at investigative dermatology.

The Okayama University Hospital system has over 250 hospitals, and the Department of Dermatology has 58 related institutions. Thanks to the abundance of related hospitals and excellent teaching doctors, a residency program for dermatology specialists has been established so that they may cultivate the proper level of skills. All dermatology programs are designed to incorporate enough clinical experience that will thereby characterize dermatology departments as basic medical departments. In addition, we are preparing courses that combine individual life plans and future plans, including a clinical importance course, a course for future advancement into dermatological surgery, and a course for graduate students. To support female physicians, we are gradually putting together a daycare program in the university hospital and associated hospitals. These various programs require the coordination of many related hospitals.

The Okayama regional meeting of the Japanese Dermatological Association has been held three times in the Okayama District. The event has an excellent reputation for its high academic standards, subjects offered, and lively discussions. In addition, other lectures are held regularly by associations for general practitioners, physician groups, and Okayama prefectural branches of Japanese clinical dermatology associations. Furthermore, joint research meetings are actively being planned with doctors from other departments. Dermatologists in the Okayama District enjoy a wealth of opportunities for continuing education, and they continue to provide treatment, conduct research, and engage in self-improvement every day without forgetting the spirit of inquiry. The result is reflected in the provision of high-quality dermatological treatments in the Sanyo and Shikoku Districts, mainly in Okayama.

In addition, Okayama University Hospital receives a great deal of research funding for conducting scientific research. Through international associations and publications, it constantly disseminates research results.

Please aim for dermatologists with a spirit of inquiry. You will find the residency program at Okayama University Hospital that suits you.